our mission

To protect intellectual property for both the brand owner and the consumer.

In response to the growing counterfeit publishing epidemic, Donn Greenberg launched Secured Publishing Solutions, LLC in 2019, providing authors, publishers, and printers the tools and resources necessary to combat piracy. Our partnership with Arcis Solutions, a world-leading licensor of proprietary document security print technologies, is a differentiator, making our anti-counterfeit print deterrent program unique. It provides both copy-evident (security pantograph) and covert authentication print features to protect books, journals, and documents against unauthorized alteration and replication by photocopiers and scanners.

We can take you through the entire book publishing process from writing, editing, and copyrighting to printing, publishing, and distribution. We work with the world’s top publishing houses and will help you develop a strategy to bring your book to market and grow your brand.

Donn Greenberg

Donn Greenberg

Global Publishing Consultant and Piracy Obstructer

Meet Donn Greenberg

Donn will help you publish your work securely to avoid counterfeiters. He is recognized as the foremost expert in the detection, prevention, and remediation of print and digital piracy. He has more than three decades of experience in book, journal, and magazine publishing and print manufacturing for high-profile organizations that include Project Management Institute (PMI), Wolters Kluwer Health, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Cadbury Schweppes. He has been a valuable resource to publishers and government agencies at the federal and state level. Donn is adept at guiding every stage of the publishing process from copyright registration, pre-production, and printing to sales and global distribution, and he can help you, too.

Let’s work together to secure your content.