Counterfeiting and piracy robs publishers, authors, and content creators of millions of dollars every year. We swiftly identify fraudulent reproductions, strategize on remediation, and support enforcement.

The Fraud

Counterfeits are sold and distributed by individuals, small groups, and large rings operating all over the world. The counterfeiters are generally not the sellers and vice versa. Fraudsters identify top selling books and journals, purchase a physical or digital copy, or obtain the actual print file, and then reproduce it by various methods to sell it through third-party marketplace sites or unsuspecting legitimate resellers. Using this same process, they can also counterfeit or alter an international edition to make it look like a US published edition.



When piracy is suspected, we identify fraud and verify it using traditional and tech-based methods.


As an Arcis Solutions authorized distributor, we offer a comprehensive suite of security technology.


We will work with you to customize programs that identify and remove unauthorized sellers from third-party marketplace sites.



We partner with leading Intellectual Property service providers to quickly notify the offenders, and we work with law enforcement when necessary.

Let’s work together to secure your content.